Laboratory & Cleanroom Furniture

Docklands systems offer various types of laboratory and cleanroom products. These are designed to fit your buildings layout, manufactured in-house and installed by our own staff. We specialise in lab benching, tables, cupboards, step over benching and washroom panelling. Contact us now and we can discuss what you require and arrange a survey to be held at a convenient time.

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Lab Benches, Tables & Cupboards


Lab Step Over Benches


Washroom Panelling

  Benching & Cupboards   Step Over Benches   Washroom Panelling
  • Trespa topped steel framed benching both fixed and mobile.
  • Laminate faced wash stations.
  • Sink units.
  • Cupboard units.
  • Storage cupboards.
  • Step over boxes.
  • Tables
  • For wet areas, changing rooms and WC's.
  • Can be used within medical cleanroom facilities or laboratories.
  • Waterproof.
  • Quick installation and can be adjusted on-site.
  • Pre-decorated to ensure little interruption.

Please e-mail or phone for any enquiries.

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Phone : 01440 704777