Essex Based Aviation Company Factory Upgrade Completed

ACS RefurbishmentACS Partitioning

Docklands Systems recently completed work on a project in Braintree Essex for a specialist aviation repairs company involving an extension to an existing mezzanine floor and upgrading its use to achieve a 60 minute fire rating by way of a new fire rated suspended ceiling, lighting, fire rated column and fascia casings along with a new part M staircase. Docklands also built 2 new 50m2 free standing "Montage Monobloc” partitioning cleanrooms for the client to improve their production processes for the repair of aeroplane body parts including wings and nose cones. Also included were 2 wipe clean suspended ceilings, 3 roller shutters, new LED lighting, air conditioning and 400m2 of new Altro PVC vinyl flooring.

ACS PartitioningACS Staircase

Date : 08-01-2018